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Why Today’s Restaurants Need A Digital Menu Board Controller

These days, diners expect more from their dining experience than just good food and friendly service. They want to be able to peruse the menu before they even enter the restaurant, then, order and pay on their smartphone right at the table as soon as they sit down, and even have their orders delivered immediately when they’re ready to leave instead of waiting around while the waitstaff checks on everyone in the restaurant to see if they need anything else.

What Is A Digital Menu?

With digital menu boards, restaurants can present their menus in so many creative ways. For example, customers are drawn to big, bold images, like mouth-watering burgers or fajitas sizzling on a grill. They’re also attracted to today’s shareable menu items that friends can post about and tweet about for a restaurant’s business. Many restaurants allow customers to customize drinks and order online through apps like Seamless® or GrubHub®, making digital menu boards extremely convenient for everybody. What can you do with your own? Find out more with KiwiSign’s menu board controller and software!

Who Needs Them?

Anyone with an Internet connection and an interest in conveying information to customers in both an engaging and cost-effective manner needs digital menu boards. Thanks to KiwiSign’s innovative, affordable menu board controller and our easy-to-use online software, you can easily display photos, graphics, prices, and more—all on your existing flat-screen TV or monitor. Plus we’re open source; you can download our software for free from GitHub! Why pay for expensive proprietary hardware when you can get digital menu boards for free?

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How Are They Used?

Menu board controllers are used in modern restaurants to display menus, specials, and other information about your establishment. These devices replace outdated chalkboards and paper menu boards, making it easy for customers to see what’s on offer. As well as increasing your sales, digital menu boards can help create a more interactive dining experience by promoting happy hour deals, allowing customers to view pictures of dishes before ordering, or even displaying trivia questions for customers to answer for prizes. These devices can also be used to display sale signs at certain times of day—giving you an opportunity to promote slow-moving items without having them linger in your refrigerator too long.

Where Are They Effective?

These systems are designed to be used in almost any type of restaurant, from fast food and family dining to fine dining and limited service. The only establishments where digital menu boards won’t work well are places that have static menus, such as sandwich shops or pizza parlors. However, those businesses can still benefit from marketing boards. That’s because they’re more likely to attract customers than traditional signs. In fact, if you haven’t updated your business sign in some time, adding digital menu boards could pay off big-time. Traditional signs work just fine for established restaurants with settled menus and loyal clientele; they just don’t create quite as much interest among passersby.

Are There Any Downsides?

Like any other technology, digital menu boards aren’t perfect. While they do have an advantage over paper menus in that they can be updated instantly and remotely, there are still some shortcomings of digital menu boards that restaurateurs should keep in mind. For example, unlike paper menus, digital menu boards can’t be left at every table for customers to peruse at their leisure. Furthermore, it could be difficult to coordinate with dishwashers and cooks if you want to change your menu from afar. But these are just some minor hiccups along what is otherwise an incredible journey for restaurateurs everywhere…

What Benefits Come From Using A Digital Menu System?

Many modern restaurants have discovered that digital menu boards are an inexpensive way to keep their menus looking fresh. A well-designed, interesting menu is a crucial factor in setting a restaurant apart from its competitors and retaining customers. The problem is that redesigning printed menus every month or two can be extremely expensive and time-consuming since you need to print new hard copies of your menu and install them at each location. Our digital menu board software allows you to update your entire digital menu remotely in just minutes. This means you can change your menu design as often as you like, without ever having to pay for printing or new signage! You also gain access to free templates for common formats such as iPad menus, mobile-enabled screens, or even paper inserts for tabletop displays.

What Makes Them Worth It In The Long Run?

In today’s world, customers come to expect technology. While they might not think of it at first, most customers have their phones out at restaurants taking pictures of their food. How do they get these photos off of their phone? They plug it into one of your restaurant’s Wi-Fi ports and access a file manager to upload their photos on social media or email them to friends and family. Without even thinking about it, your customers are regularly accessing your network. With KiwiSign’s digital menu board controller, you can easily control what is uploaded onto your network, ensuring only positive things are shared online about your business.

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