Product Liability Insurance

What Is Product Liability Insurance?

If you begin to start a new small business or already have one then you must try product  liability insurance. Product liability insurance defends your business from the lawsuit. For example, if someone claims that your manufactured product does not work effectively or harm someone’s belongings. While those customers claim medical expenses, property, fees, or other expenses that are lost due to a particular product. Then, your business will pay that expense of your complaining customers. Therefore, if you have product liability insurance then it will cover all the medical costs, legal payments, or other expenses.

Which Flaws Fall Within Product Liability Insurance’s Purview?

Product liability insurance covers a variety of problems that are caused by your product. Such as:

  • Property damage: For instance, if laptop battery burn the client carpet. Thus, your product liability policy fulfills all the legal fees and resolves the issue.
  • Physical injuries: If any person gets injured after the usage of your company product then your insurance policy will pay for it.
  • Ailment: For example, you have a food company and someone is ill due to bad quality of food. Then, product liability saves you from those claims.
  • Unjustified death: Sometimes, a person dies after usage of your product. Then your product liability issuance not only pays legal cost, but also covers burial as well as other expenses.

Defect Types

There are certain types of defects that product liability insurance covers.

  • Design issues: If some mistake derives from the designs.
  • Fault in manufacturing: Problems arise in the manufacturing of products.
  • Marketing error: The flaws in the product’s marketing included the lack of sufficient information.
  • Incorrect statements: There are no proper statements of how to use the product in an appropriate manner.
  • Rigorous liability: A client damages the product even without the irresponsibility of your company.

Product Liability Insurance Is Best For Which Type Of Business?

Following are those businesses in which product Liability Insurance is suitable.

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesalers
  • Importers
  • Retailers
  • Installations
  • Online sellers
  • Restaurants
  • Pet supply stores

Does Product Liability Insurance Provide Coverage For Error With Apps Or Software?

Product liability insurance covers those lawsuits that are related to physical harm. It does not cover any problem related to IT fields such as apps or software error. However, it offers coverage in computer parts such as batteries becoming overheated and harming someone, etc.

What Is The Cost Of Product Liability Insurance?

The average product liability insurance cost is about $1200 for small business holders. Meanwhile, their prices vary according to business type. Different other factors such as claim history, business location, sales, policy limit, position in supply chain, etc also affect the cost of product liability insurance.

Product type influence the insurance cost

The main thing that matters product liability insurance cost is the type of product you produce or sell in your business. Those companies that are manufacturing less risky products such as stationary have low premium rates. Meanwhile, those companies that produce high risky products such as electronics or related to food and beverage have high rates of product liability insurance.

Product liability insurance for Amazon sellers

Small enterprise sellers on Amazon can get product liability insurance via a virtual network called Amazon Insurance Accelerator. Amazon asks its seller to purchase product liability insurance after achieving $10,000 sales in a month. Afterward, Amazon Insurance Accelerator assists them to buy product liability insurance from different companies such as Hiscox, Travelers, Chubb, Markel, etc.

What Are Easy Ways To Get Product Liability Insurance?

The first way is to get the best product liability insurance from the general liability insurance policy. Usually, general liability insurance policies protect you if your product harms a customer. General liability policy generally enclose those companies that are manufacturers of less risky products.

Another type is standalone liability insurance policy. This form of policy covers those companies that manufacture high rate risky products.

Furthermore, for food, toys, or electronic goods companies, product recall insurance is the best option.

A licensed insurance agent can assist you to buy good insurance for your company. However, you can get it online or call an insurance company.

Bottom Lines

Product Liability Insurance is very useful in every regard. I will assist you in selling, making, or sharing products to someone. Whether your business is related to selling less risky products or highly risky products, product liability insurance protects your business from damage.

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