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What is Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park? The Importance of Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is the same as using a sauna to help stop the disease by applying external substances to help the body heal. Learning about your body and how it works is essential for long-term health, and physiotherapy can be an excellent practice for recovery and injury prevention. Read on to learn more about physiotherapy in Sherwood Park and how it can benefit your health.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy takes a “whole person” approach to health and well-being, including considering overall lifestyle and encouraging patient involvement. This practice helps restore movement and function after an injury, illness, or disability. Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park helps to improve various conditions related to different body systems, such as:

  • Neurological diseases: stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease
  • Neuromusculoskeletal: back pain, whiplash syndrome, sports injuries, arthritis
  • Heart disease: chronic heart disease, rehabilitation after a heart attack
  • Respiratory: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis

Physiologists look at the body as a whole rather than focusing only on specific areas of injury or disease.

  • Lifestyle coaching: Comprehensive advice on things that can affect your daily life, such as stability and proper lifting or taking measures to help prevent injury.
  • Movement, Structured Exercise, and Physical Activity: Exercise designed to improve overall health and mobility and strengthen body parts.
  • Manual therapy: manual therapy helps reduce pain and stiffness and supports better movement.

Physiotherapy vs Physical Therapy: are they the same?

Basically: Yes, they are the same. On a more technical level: Although physical therapy and physical therapy have the same goal, the terminology is different. Physiotherapy involves a hands-on approach and skillful manual therapy techniques such as stretching, joint mobilization, soft tissue release, etc. On the other hand, physiotherapy in Sherwood Park takes exercise methods based on improving muscle strength, balance, and more.

The importance of physiotherapy

The goal of a physical therapist is to improve people’s lives by using a variety of treatments to relieve pain and restore function or, in the case of chronic injury or illness, to reduce the impact of any inefficiencies. At the heart of physiotherapy is the patient’s commitment to self-care through education, awareness, empowerment, and participation in their treatment.

Physiotherapy Technique

Although physiotherapy is the primary method mentioned above, many other strategies can sometimes be used during treatment. Although the combination is not the same for everyone, the most common methods are used.


Massage is the movement of soft tissue using the hands. Massage can improve blood circulation, reduce pain and increase the range of motion. Massage can also help reduce any tension you’re holding and reduce your perception of pain. Registration

Your healthcare provider may use tape or tape to immobilize certain joints. This can reduce tension from those tricky spots and allow for better healing. Icing

Although you may think you can ice at home, most physiotherapy visits are limited to the area you worked on and cooled. This helps reduce any inflammation that may occur during your stay. A collective or action

Joint mobilization increases the range of motion and can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life. This process is done by focusing on regular and painless movements. For a long time

Stretching during physiotherapy can mean different things. For starters, stretching can help loosen muscles that may be tight. It will also increase your mobility and keep you healthy for a long time.


Some pains or injuries are caused by muscles that put too much pressure on the muscles, either due to injury or inflammation. Neurodynamics can help identify the source of nerve compression and relieve pain.


Ultrasound is another technique that is often used to help with physiotherapy. Ultrasound provides a strong heating effect directly into the muscles and soft tissues.

Final thought

We believe in a “whole person” approach. Practicing physical therapy can be beneficial for your overall health. Whether recovering from an injury or learning a lifestyle change, these steps will make a lasting impression on you. If the above sounds like something that could benefit your life, talk to your doctor about other measures. So contact Refresh Health and Wellness Today and visit Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park.

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