Tips for students who are just starting their international journey

When you’re an overseas Students studying in Australia, You aren’t simply adjusting to a different environment but also an entirely new educational system.

I remember the expression of terror on the face of my teacher when I introduced his name as “Sir” during my initial week in class. The first term was dedicated to figuring out how to work here.

These are the top 5 suggestions to give you a notion of what to expect and how you can handle the first semester of your studies.

Spend less money buying books


In my first year, I spent about 500 dollars on my textbooks. Even today, I cry whenever I think of how I could have gone on a vacation in Bali using that money. I’m not saying that textbooks aren’t necessary. However, there are options for getting around the expense of buying a new book.



The library at your university will likely have books required by your unit. Be aware that library inventory is often limited, and much other marine fish exist.

Purchase second-hand


Student VIP is a great resource where students can purchase or even sell second-hand textbooks at an affordable price. Check out Facebook groups where you can sell or exchange books specifically for your study subject.

Support for university study


Fortunately, Australian universities provide several support services to meet your requirements (Attend O-week for information about these).

English mentors


If English isn’t your first language, don’t fret! Each university offers programs or tutors who can help you improve your English abilities.

Course advisors


Check with your advisor before making any decisions about units or courses. They will help to plan your academic path.



If you find the stress overpowering, do not be reluctant to seek professional assistance from university counselors.

Get organized

It can be challenging to keep an eye on classes and assignments, workshops, or exams in your head can cause your brain to crash faster than a Windows XP laptop. You can purchase some items for a reasonable price at places such as Kmart and Officeworks to organize your student life.



Note down important dates such as assignment deadlines, exam dates, and class schedules in your planner.

Notebook with four subjects


It eliminates the hassle of carrying multiple notebooks to cover various subjects.



For those who love technology, apps such as My Class Schedule: Timetable (Android) or Class Timetable (iOS) keep a schedule of your deadlines and classes.

Polish your academic abilities


I was convinced that my English was excellent until I was required for an essay at a university.

The essential academic skills like research, essay writing, and referencing may be relatively unfamiliar to you. Don’t worry! In addition to the assistance you receive from your institution, some websites can assist you in developing these abilities.

Reach out to your peers and teachers


If you glance around the class, you realize you’re not alone. Your classmates have the same situation as you. Join forces with them. Please encourage them to join groups on Whatsapp or Facebook Group in which you can discuss questions with one another.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your lecturer or tutor about any problems with your studies. Australian professors are friendly and reachable. I’ve never sent an email to an instructor and have not received any response.

Beginning the experience of being an international student may make you seem like you’re playing at The Hunger Games. After clearing some rounds, I can say that it gets less intimidating over time. The material you are learning may not be accessible. However, you’ll become more comfortable and familiar with the course’s structure.

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