The Production And Essential Use Of Silicon Metallic Powder

Gear of grinding silica fume has extrusion mill, disc mill, raymond mill, jaw crusher, and so on. These units not only to excessive power consumption and low effectivity. Makes the manufacturing of silica fume stagnant. However the column mill is a new kind of vertical mill. Use medium velocity pulsating, steady repeated low-stress roll grinding precept and scientific structure design, so it has both excessive pressure roller press roller mill performance, and with no defects. Reduction gear system so that the spindle is rotated when the motor pushed, mounted on the spindle bearing and of several rollers mounted on the carriage to rotate within the ring tapered liner adjustable hole between the rollers and the inner liner, when the fabric from the inlet into the mill, as a result of force of gravity and higher pusher role, the fabric uniformly from top to bottom by lining four weeks, and roller repeated rolling into powder, the last from the mill decrease part of the automated nesting. As the roller wheel relative to the revolution and rotation of the liner for the rule, and may differ with the scale of the material layer thickness and the material particles flexible fluctuations, and the rollers and the liner no contact, thus avoiding both between topic to affordable impression on energy consumption and put on, the materials repeatedly rolling and grinding right here, plus grinding roller and the liner materials is selected to wear better wear-resistant alloy multi-ingredient steel, to minimize the extent of the contamination of material processing machinery iron powder processing.

Silicon steel powder, often known as industrial silicon powder, is silver grey or dark gray powder, with metallic luster. Its excessive melting point, discuss good heat resistance, excessive resistivity, is highly resistant to oxidation, known because the “Industrial MSG” indispensable fundamental raw material for many high-tech industries. Silicon large for smelting ferrosilicon alloy as a lowering agent for the iron and steel industry as an alloying component in a wide range of metal smelting. Should you cherished this post and also you would want to obtain more details regarding silicone products [linked web page] kindly pay a visit to our web site. Good silicon or aluminum alloy, the overwhelming majority of cast aluminum alloy containing silicon. Silicon is the raw material of ultra-pure silicon electronics industry, ultrapure semiconductor silicon electronic units do have advantages of small measurement, light weight, good reliability and long life. Silicon single crystal doped with specific hint impurities made of excessive-power transistors, silicone products rectifiers and photo voltaic cells is healthier than germanium crystal .

The principle uses of silicon metallic powder: silicon steel powder is widely used in refractories, powder metallurgy business, so as to enhance the excessive temperature, abrasion and oxidation resistance. Its merchandise are extensively utilized in steel-making furnaces, kilns, kiln furnishings. In natural silicon chemical business, metallic powder is the essential uncooked materials of the silicone polymer synthesis, akin to for the production of silicon monomers, silicone oil, silicone mold rubber, preservatives, in order to improve the heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, corrosion resistance, waterproofing different characteristics.Industrial silicon powder made by pulling monocrystalline silicon processed is extensively utilized in excessive-tech fields, integrated circuits, digital elements essential uncooked materials. The metallurgical foundry trade, silicon metal powder as a non-iron-primarily based alloy additives, silicon steel alloy agent, and silicone gadget thus to improve the steel hardenability. Industrial silicon powder can be utilized to some metal reducing agent for the new ceramic alloy. Silicon steel powder is mainly used for the fundamental uncooked materials of silicone polymer supplies (equivalent to silicon, trichlorosilane, silicon, and so forth.).