Murder Story

Murder Case Story about Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

In 2007, a tragic murder case occurred, i.e., Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. In this incident, the victim boy and the one killed were teens. However, according to some news reports, the victim in the crime, Gabriel Kuhn, was only 12 years old, while the killer was 16.

Both were avid gamers and came together for two reasons. One was that they were neighbors and the second reason was that they were both playing the same game, Tibia. Because their interests were similar, they became close friends. However, according to medical studies, Daniel Patry was mentally unstable and was quick to get angry over small incidents.

Daniel Patry was good at playing the same game and earned a lot of digital coins during the game. In addition, Patry would loan digital coins to his acquaintances in his neighborhood. One day, he also loaned 20,000 digital dollars to his close friends Gabriel Kuhn, and things became more difficult when Kuhn could not pay Patry’s request.

What happened to the murder suspects: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

According to official sources, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were good companions. They could play the same game known as Tibia because Patry was a rich man with many digital coins that he would lend his friends. One day Kuhn requested coins back; Patry gave him 20,000 digital coins with him. However, when Patry demands to return his coin, Kuhn refuses, leaving him angry and determined to murder him.

They brutally executed Kuhn by stabbing him in the back with a tool’s sharp edge. At first, the investigators did not know about the murderer until they investigated the notorious murder of the teenage gamers and discovered the perpetrator was his 16-year-old nemesis, Daniel Patry.

Patry received a sentence of prison for three years. It is anticipated that, after three years, Patry will be released as the age was not 18 years old. If he was not, he would be locked up for the rest of his time.

Patry’s mother’s reaction

According to various accounts, the parents of Patry were nice and kind. They had no bad relations with people in the area, which meant Patry was raised in a warm family. In addition, the parents said that they’d noticed some behavioral changes in Patry’s personality since he was prone to get annoyed at conversations with friends, and his performance in school drastically lowered. He was lonely most of the time and did not interact with family and friends in the community.

The doctors even suggested he see a psychiatric specialist because his condition was becoming more severe every day.

The final words

The murder case that involved Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry became famous again, and people on the internet regularly discuss it, particularly gamers. The murder resulted from Kuhn refusing to return his 20,000 digital dollars to Patry, who Patry had earned through the game.

The total value of those coins today is about $1.75, which resulted in the loss of Kuhn his own life. Then, Patry was proven the murderer and sentenced to prison for three years.


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