10 Largest Cable Companies in the United States

10 Largest Cable Companies in the United Statesthe foremost reliable ways in which for folks to unwind and relax when a protracted day, and uncounted folks are standardization in to their favorite shows for many years. In recent years, cable suppliers have even began to provide net access. this enables customers to try to to everything from human activity with their relatives and enjoying games to performing from home.

So, simply what number customers will these huge cable giants serve? nowadays we’ll be staring at the ten largest cable firms within the u.  s., several of that square measure the biggest within the world additionally. We’ll rank them in line with the numbers of subscribers and learn some cool facts concerning every one

Sparklight (Cable One)

Cable One was originally referred to as Post-Newsweek Cable and recently went through another rebranding in 2019, rising with the new name Sparklight. whereas the name has modified to Sparklight, the company name has been unbroken as Cable One, Inc. Sparklight offers over sixty networks across over fifteen completely different devices, giving subscribers the power to look at cable TV right from hand-held devices like smartphones.

Did You Know?

This cable company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, however it doesn’t truly service the Phoenix area


This cable company specifically focuses on providing cable services to additional rural areas and smaller cities. Mediacom is that the largest supplier in Iowa and features a large subscriber base within the geographical region. This company conjointly focuses on keeping its services inside an inexpensive worth vary whereas still giving the snappiest cable services doable to rural areas.

Did You Know?

The founder and chief executive officer of Mediacom, Rocco B. Commisso, funded a replacement highschool sports advanced within the borough, New York.

Frontier Communications

This company traces its roots back to the voters Utility Company that was noninheritable  and expanded  by Richard Rosenthal, the youngest company president within the entire business at the time. The voters Utility Company continuing to expand its horizons into telecommunications and power lines, later taking over the Frontier name in 2001. faithful its history of ability, Frontier Communications additionally affected its focus faraway from landlines at simply the proper time.

Did You Know?

Frontier Communications employs around 22,000 people in 29 states

Altice USA

Altice USA is headquartered in the big apple town and provides. A range of cable services through 2 segments: Cablevision and Cequel. Altice USA noninheritable  Cablevision in 2015, increasing its client base by over three million subscribers within the method. The corporate presently maintains the Optimum and Suddenlink brands, however has plans to rebrand them exploitation the Altice name.

Did You Know?

Altice simply opened associate Optimum expertise Center in island, New York State to supply folks the chance to urge a grieve the most recent services and product.


Verizon is definitely one in every of the known corporations in usa. Due to its commercials that includes the slogan “Can you hear Maine now it had been one in every of the regionally-focused “Baby Bells” that was fashioned once the AT&T Corporation was needed to separate up the Bell System in 1984. Verizon steady expanded afterward, feat brands like AOL and Yahoo!. Did You Know? Verizon’s workers range around 177,000, that is simply concerning the dimensions of Providence, Rhode Island’s population

Dish Network

Despite losses resulting from the decline in cable popularity overall as subscribers switch from cable TV to internet streaming, the Dish Network is still going strong. The company was first launched as EchoStar, with Dish Network eventually transitioning from a cable service offered by EchoStar into the independent company that we know today.

Did You Know?

While Dish Network is still undoubtedly a cable company, it is also evolving with the entertainment industry by offering Sling TV, a cable-free television streaming service.


Comcast could also be associate degree yank company, however it offers its media and production services worldwide. However, its Comcast Digital Voice, internet, and cable services ar primarily restricted to forty states and also the District of Columbia. Comcast enlarged its focus from cable to incorporate recreation and media production in 1996 with their regional sports channel, Comcast Sportsnet. Did You Know? Microsoft endowed $1 billion in Comcast, originally aboard plans to incorporate their computer code on Comcast cable boxes, however the thought ne’er came to fruition.

Charter Communications

Charter Communications is that the telecommunications and mass media. Company behind the Spectrum whole, that offers cable and streaming services to businesses and individual customers. Charter Communications incorporated with Time Warner and Bright House Networks in 2017, incorporating. Their services beneath its Charter Spectrum whole. This company’s expansions to hide rural areas have gotten mixed feedback. With some folks unfavourable of the native monopoly.

Did You Know?

Charter Communications is claimed to be the fastest-growing TV, voice, and web company, and it employs over ninety eight,000 people.


AT&T is that the largest cable company within the u.  s. by the amount of subscribers. Its former “Baby Bell” roots will truly be derived all the method back to the Southwestern Bell phone service, that was based by Alexander Graham Bell. alternative notable stages of the company’s evolution embrace Sound Motion photos in 1926, that pioneered synchronal sound and video for a very new film expertise.

Did You Know?

AT&T lost virtually 1,000,000 TV subscribers when raising its DirecTV costs in 2019.


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